On behalf of the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), we wish to thank our many many friends from all over the world who have supported us over the years.

As most of you been hearing in the media, the past week hasn’t been easy. Palestinian president declaration at the United Nations summit that the Oslo Agreements are no longer valid has caused a ripple effect which has taken Israel back to a new reality that we haven’t known in Israel since 2002. Once again the roads and streets do not feel safe, and terrorist events are happening in a daily basis.

Standing string protecting Israel are our brave boys and girls of the IDF.  The Army has cancelled leaves and called up additional reserves for the border patrol unit (Magav) and is busy in full force defending the citizens of Israel. We are hoping and praying for the success and safety of our heroes.

Click here to send pizza, burgers and other treats. Lets show our soldiers that no matter what it may seem in the media, they have support from friends all over the world

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