ON behalf of the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), we wish thank the many, many people the world over who sent Pizza, and the new years care packages to our order-nowheroes


In these troubled times, friends of Israel around the world are looking for tangible ways to share their feelings with our soldiers and also to support the Israeli economy. From this site you can send Pizza and Other yummy treats*  to active duty soldiers who, day after day, are fighting terror and protecting the Jewish people.

Our deliveries include soldiers on regular military service as well as those who have left their families, homes and jobs to serve the Jewish people as Miluim (Reserve Duty) fighters. Your pizza reaches soldiers in tension-filled and volatile locations.

Our soldiers continue to work night and day , especially in this latest wave of terror, putting themselves in first line of danger and protecting the citizens of Israel.

Click here to send your gift to the IDF heroes

Help us show our soldiers that no matter what it may seem like in the global media, they have support from friends all over the world

On the way to the base snacks for a soldier


Pizza & Soda for a Patrol (5 soldiers) Pie + soda


3 Pizza pies & Soda for a Section (10 soldiers)


8 Pizza pies & Soda for a Platoon (30 soldiers)


23 Pizza pies & Soda for a Company (90 soldiers)


Falafel & Soda for a Jeep Patrol on Active Duty (4 soldiers)


Falafel & Soda for a Section on Active Duty (10 soldiers)


*all products are strictly kosher and we are shomer shabbat