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*all products are strictly kosher and we are shomer shabbat

The Israel Defence Forces (best known acronyms: IDF) is the army of Israel, and the central organisation for keeping the Israeli borders and maintain the security of the Israeli population.

The IDF is considered the most powerful army in the Middle East and one of the most advanced armies in the world.

Currently IDF forces have 176,500 soldiers serving under compulsory service and additional 445,000 reserve soldiers (Miluim).


Our soldiers continue to work day and night to protect Israel especially in this latest wave of terror, by putting themselves in first line of danger to protect the citizens of Israel.

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Lets show our soldiers that no matter what it may seem like in the global media, they have support from friends all over the world



On behalf of the soldiers of the IDF, we wish to thank our many many friends from all over the world who have supported us over the years.