ON behalf of the soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), we wish to thank the many, many people the world over who sent Pizza, and the new years care packages to our order-nowheroes

In 10 days we will be celebrating the fun holiday of Purim.

Two weeks ago an Iranian drone crossed into Israel, the air force launched an Apache helicopter and shot it down.
Right after this Israel opened a full attack on the Iranian base operating in Syria who launched the drone.
Sadly one of our planes was hit and the pilots were forced to eject. 
One of the pilots was injured and is in hospital, but Thank God is doing better already.

On Purim, we remember the story of Haman and the Persian empire (Iran) who tried to kill all of the jews in the empire.  2375 years later, again the Persians want to see us gone, however unlike then now we have our own country and our own IDF.

Haman wanted to kill all the Jews because in his words “they are a divided nation amongst the nations…” and to counter this claim during Purim we show unity and remember by four main costumes:
The Reading of the Megillah (Mikra Megillah)
The Festive Purim Meal (Seudat Purim)
Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim)
Sending Gifts (Mishloach Manot)

We invite you to show your unity with our brave brothers and sisters from the IDF, sending them a Mishloch Manot packageshowing them that we are all united with them and stand behind them.

As every year we will be handing out the Mishaloach Manot to soldiers all over the country during Purim and the following day the Shushan Purim.

Please let us know if you want us to send certificates to your friends, and please note that we can only send digital copies through email.

Click here to send a Mishloach Manot or pizza to the soldiers.

Photos and updates will be posted on our Facebook page.
Thank you for being a part of our amazing project which has been running straight for over 16 years.

Mishloach Manot for a soldier

1 soldier


Mishloach Manot for a Patrol

5 soldiers


Mishloach Manot for a section

10 soldiers


Mishloach Manot for a platoon

30 soldiers


Pizza & Soda for a Patrol (5 soldiers) Pie + soda


3 Pizza pies & Soda for a Section (10 soldiers)


8 Pizza pies & Soda for a Platoon (30 soldiers)


23 Pizza pies & Soda for a Company (90 soldiers)


Falafel & Soda for a Jeep Patrol on Active Duty (4 soldiers)


Falafel & Soda for a Section on Active Duty (10 soldiers)


*all products are strictly kosher and we are shomer shabbat