for Chanuka

Donuts after a patrol.

Thanks to our many friends around the world, we were able to bring some joy to our soldiers serving on active duty during the week of Chanukah. We have collected photographs of the soldiers with your donuts. These pictures were taken at various army outposts and checkpoints -- wherever we found our soldiers fulfilling their vital tasks.

On behalf of the soldiers, thank you to everyone who sent donuts for Chanukah and to everyone who has sent pizzas, burgers and ice creams in the past. We look forward to continuing to send these out to our soldiers on your behalf.

Now that the winter is here, you can also warm up a soldier with some hot, hearty, healthy and chunky vegetable soup as well as with more pizza and burgers.

More Channukah pictures

Read a letter from a contributor who helped deliver Donuts on Chanukah and from an army Colonel.

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