Below are some of the many inspiring messages we have received from people all over the world in response to our project. We are very gratified to receive these messages and want to share some of them with you. Pizza for Israeli Soldiers

Karen and Menachem,

Thanks for all you do in supporting the IDF.

My wife and I have become close to a young IDF soldier thanks to your website. We have become totally committed to supporting the IDF in anyway we can and your website gives us a great opportunity to say thanks to the great men and women that wear the uniform of the IDF.


From a Blog:

As an IDF soldier and Chayelet Bodeda (Lone Soldier - no family here) I can't tell you what it means to get these sorts of things when you're on duty.

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Oh, and I know you get a lot of feedback (I read your website), but I'm sure it's always good to hear more: This boy I'd wanted to send to had mentioned to me, with enthusiasm that surprised me, that I couldn't imagine how good this pizza is for the soldiers. He said they work so hard, and they often wonder if they're really making a difference, or if they're doing the right thing, or if "the people" still believe in them. Getting these gifts gives them the strength to go on and makes them feel like it's all been worth it.

So thank you again for giving us the chance to help make these awesome people happy.

Tizku L'mitzvot!

Just wanted to thanks for what you guys are doing in helping to deliver pizza and so on to the soldiers of the IDF. I thank you and their families thank you and above all, the L-rd thanks you too. I look at their faces and they are so young, but they are passionate about defending their country and I just love that! May G-d give you strength to continue doing what you do and we know G-d will fight for His people.

A message on the Efrat email list [8/8/6]:

My son is in and out of Lebanon and I know that when they are in they are dependent on food supplies that don't necessarily arrive or don't arrive on time. Last week they had 2 days with no food and just water. He also says that they bring [bread]rolls in their pockets.

One thing I can say is that when they came out they were brought pizza courtesy of and boy were they appreciative. Every snack or "pinuk" that they receive really keeps them going.

So whoever out there is doing the good work, keep it up. Know it is appreciated and Tizku L'mitzvot.


Dear Menahem,

I'm glad to help in some small way. The soldiers are doing a terrific job. Israel, the diaspora, even the rest of the world has good reason to be grateful to them.

thank you for providing this venue as a means to truly support Israel in a very direct way. can't think of a better way than to provide something to those who protect Israel with their lives.
once again thank you.

If I hadn't turned to Wonkette, I never would have seen this mind-blowing, apparently legitimate, site. If this had appeared in a 1950s work of fiction it would probably have won an award for most surreal concept of the year.

for whatever reason, your reply brought tears to my eyes. we in america are suffering from the continued bombardment of negative press (as always) and then the shock of the seattle incident at the federation. i have forwarded the petition onto about 30 people in my address book asking them to do the same.

my heart feels broken for the soldiers and their families.
i wish i could actually do something more.

I got linked to the PizzaIDF site and thought that it was a great idea. I hope that they, and you, know how much we over here in the UK admire our brothers and sisters and hope they all come home safe.

As an American Jew and fervent supporter of the State of Israel, I am honored and privileged to help provide the soldiers of the IDF with some nutritional sustenance. I am extremely proud of the courageous performance of the IDF against the brutal terrorist enemy in Lebanon.

Please convey my support to all of the soldiers that you come into contact with. I hope that Israel is finally able to defeat its enemies and then maybe there will be peace in the region. Please stay safe and keep up your good work.

God bless.

Dear Menachem, I pray for the people of Israel daily. This is a terrible time and we are sending our love, support and financial support in many ways, through a number of very worthwhile organizations, including yours. Sending pizza and soda to a group of soldiers is, please G-d, a brief morale lift for them and is one small way we can let them know we care about them and do not forget them.

We stand with all of Israel and pray for your safety and perseverance.

This is the Best money I ever Spent!
May G-d bless you all and keep you safe!

Thanks for providing the opportunity for us to send pizza to the IDF. We're in Iraq and know how nicely a pizza would taste on the front lines of a combat zone.
Staff Sergeant

Dear Menachem, You are very welcome! Please do tell them that we do care, many of us here in the US. Many of my friends are in contact with local officials to make sure that our government provides Israel with all the support she needs. Our most sincere sympathy to everyone who were effected by this war. Israel is on the true path - keep kicking their asses; time for truce talk is over. It's now time to act until these bustards are no longer there - the only way for lasting peace. Shalom

Would it be possible to send some or all of this order to 'Palsar 7' unit. Noam from 'Palsar 7' sent me a nice thank you note for the last pizzas I sent.

From a teacher in Melbourne

If it is possible, could a photo of the soldiers whom this delivery goes to, be taken and put on the website or sent to this email. We want to hang it up in the year 11 classrooms at school.

From a teacher in London

I've just looked at your website and was delighted to see that the children's pictures etc have been placed on the website. My own son was involved in the project and he is really excited! I shall make sure that all the children see it in school tomorrow and will do a letter to their parents.

Thanks again.


The certificate was received today and the children were very excited! It has been framed as is on the wall for all to see!

Dear Mr. Kuchar

I am writing as a supporter of Israel to commend your organization and the valuable service it is providing to members of the Israeli Defense Forces during this critical time. Thank you!

Of course, renew my subscription (or whatever you call it). The soldiers are hungry!

My wife and I take great pride in being part of this project.
We can't be there, so we are happy to be like Bubbies and Zedehs sending food (even though we are only 35 years old).
So yes, sign us up for a third year.

Thank you for all of your hard work these past 2 years! Thank you for allowing people like me to reach out and help the soldiers as well as merchants and others - especially during this tough time for Israel's economy. I'd visit Israel in person if I had the finances, but things being what they are, I sure appreciate you offering people like me a way to help out in a smaller (more affordable) way. May G-d bless you all!

Thank you for what you are doing for the IDF members. They deserve it. Thank you again!
Please, could you send my greetings to Shaher Smooha and Dea Hadar from Ha'Aretz News Paper. They were here in Guantanamo Bay. I had the honor to meet them.

What a great idea!

Dear All,
I think this is a great idea to show appreciation from the whole world. A way to support the hard duty of every single IDF soldier. Even here in Switzerland, I would like to support the IDF and thank you to give the chance to do it on this way. Would you be so kind to send me some informations how I can do more.
Best regards, and Hashem bless us all!

Dear Karen,
Instead of buying a mother's day gift for my mom this year, I ordered burgers for the IDF in my mother's honor, and asked that she be notified that I had done this for her. I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful certificate my mother received. It was above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for that, and for all the work you do with PizzaIDF! Sincerely,

If you are interested in sending pizza to American soldiers stationed in Israel, go to this website. I have used it several times to send pizza. It's really neat and I'm sure it helps the morale of the GIs also. I just found it unbelievable to be stationed on the front lines and have pizza delivered to you. These people are totally legit and I've never had any problems. I've even gotten thank you emails.

From a letter to a friend about  

Great idea to allow us to support Zavah and the Israeli Pizza economy.

November 21, 2002

Dear Menachem,

I am sure that you are very busy with all that is going on, but I would like to share with you what happened two weeks ago on Thursday 11/7/2002. At 12 noon (my time), I received a telephone call from an Israeli soldier (I can give you his name if you want) in Bethlehem to thank me for the burgers you helped us send to them, He called to say thank you. I had tears in my eyes as I spoke with this one of many Jewish heroes (I count you among them for your work). I have told this story to every one of my patients (I am a physician) for the last two weeks, both Jew and non-Jew alike, and have started to give out a print of your Web page as I request them to become a part of your work and donate to the cause. Never have I felt so proud to be a Jew than when I was speaking to that brave soldier and his friends. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do something that let G-D have this hero call me. I truly felt blessed. Todah rabah, kol hakovod.

By the way, we just put in an order on your site tonight for donuts, pizza, and ice creams).
Be safe, have a good Chanukah, and again Thank you

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been looking at the pictures and reading the letters on the website and my heart is so full of emotion. I have sent pizza for 30 and have just ordered a platoon's worth of Honey and Chocolate. But my real reason for writing is just to say, "Thank you". Thank you for doing this for our soldiers and their families. I look at the pictures and I see my son. He's dark and handsome like the soldiers in your pictures and he's almost 18 years old. What do they say? "There by the grace of G-d go I." By sheer luck...chance...we were born in the US. But we think about these boys and their commanders every day. You've given us a way to do something for them. Something that shows them that we are really here, we really do exist. We're not just a signature on a check. We're mothers and fathers and we know the sacrifice they're having to make. Thank you a million times for all that you do.

Most sincerely,

Dian Weisman,
New Jersey, USA

We made a 60th anniversary party for Norman's parents, and instead of a gift we sent a platoon hot soup, thanks to marksman. That has become my gift of choice -- thanks to you.

Most Americans don't really need anything, and the thought of hot soup on a cold night, while praying that the bastards [sic] don't get you, seemed like such a comfort.

Love to all


Today I delivered donuts to 70 soldiers serving near Elkana, a yishuv in the Shomron where I am living this year while I’m in seminary at Orot. Shimon Aharon, the man who runs PizzaIDF, picked up four of my friends and I, and we went to deliver the donuts. We drove through Elkana until we got to a dirt road that led to a base. At the end of the path, we got out of the car each holding a big box of sufganiyot and a stack of letters from all over the world -- from Miami to England to Japan. The people who sponsored these donuts sent money to show their gratitude to the soldiers of the Israeli army.

When we think of soldiers, we think of big, tough guys -- but they are just like the rest of us, normal people who have taken three years out of their lives and donated them to Israel. They can be eighteen year olds who have just finished high school and would appreciate a donut or a slice of pizza every once in a while. Not all soldiers are young guys though -- many fathers have a month of reserve duty, at Chanukah time and all year round. Reserve soldiers definitely deserve some recognition; they are normal men with jobs and families who drop everything to go back to army life. During Chanukah, a holiday when kids have no school and parents are off from work, it was so nice to bring a gift to a lonely soldier who is away from his family. Besides the food, the soldiers appreciate the gesture, the fact that someone, somewhere in the world, took the time and money to say thank you. The notes that people sent with the donuts were just as important, if not more important, than the donuts themselves.

I raised money for PizzaIDF last year. In my high school, every class bought a pizza and drinks for a troop of soldiers. That way, the girls felt that with their one dollar, they were doing something to help the situation. Instead of just listening to the news every day and reacting with a sigh, they were putting their feelings into action. From the pictures on the website, I knew the pizza was getting to the soldiers, but I always wished I could bring it myself and see the expressions on the soldiers’ faces when they got it. Today I finally got to do that. It was the greatest feeling to be the messenger bringing encouragement from overseas. Around here, people can become immobilized by fear and depression if they focus only on the bad aspects of the situation. But doing things like this is what keeps us in Israel going, knowing that there are people who need our help, soldiers who could use that extra “Keep up the good work” or "Thank you." If we just think about how much we can contribute, there is no limit to what we can do. Thousands of donut orders have been sent in so far…and I delivered seventy of them.

Raising and sending money from America, I never got to see what went on at the Israeli end. This time, though, I saw how something as small as a donut could make such a difference to the people who live here and who may feel that sometimes they are doing all the hard work, the "dirty work". I got to see the Israeli spirit today- the soldiers seem so tough on the outside, but inside, they are proud to wear the country’s uniform and willing to risk their lives for you -- and for that, they surely deserve some donuts.

Los Angeles (who is spending the year at Michlelet Orot, Elkana, Israel)

Thank you PizzaIDF for this wonderful thing you are doing and allowing us to help Israel when we are so far away.

Love to you all.

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