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Soldier and Pizza

Below are some of the many inspiring messages
we have received with the Pizza orders.

Please note these are messages that people out there have sent to the soldiers
and do not represent the opinions or views of or

You can also look at
letters, drawings and photographs from children
all around the world.

chazaz ve amatz chag sameaach from plainview new york
Be safe and enjoy!
Love, the O's of Florida
Chazak Chazak! May you go from strength to strength.
Chanukah Sameach!
from Morah Earis and Morah Karen's 3s Preschool Class,
Bet Torah Nursery School, Mt. Kisco, New York
To our brothers and sisters in Israel:
Chanuka Sameach from Chicago, USA.
Wishes for success.
Happy Hanuka
You are in our thoughts everyday.
Thinking of you and wishing you a Chanuka Samayach with our love and support for what you do for US!
Thank you for all you do. Shalom.
The Rosens in Princeton, New Jersey
May we have peace in the new year!
Happy Channuka from the Hamburger family in Miami, Florida May G-d watch over you and protect you, as we celebrate and kindle the Channukah lights.
Happy Chanukah.
Memphis, Tennessee
Chag sameach, Chaverim!!!
Thank you for everything you are doing for Israel and Jews everywhere!!
We are sending this in honor of our 14 year-old daughter Rachel, who will be absolutely thrilled to think of you enjoying these.
Shalom, Jim and Lori
Wishing you and all those you hold dear a Happy Chanukah.
Wishing also for you to come home safely. You are thought of and appreciated.
Keep up the good work!
Wishing you all a healthy & safe Channukah. You sacrifice is appreciated by every Jewish person around the world and our thoughts and prayers are always with you.
We appreciate your bravery and hope you have a peaceful Chanuka.
Giga blessings
With love and appreciation for all you do, and in loving memory of my father, Daniel.
kol anachnu mishpacha
Happy channuka......may God watch over you...thank you
Enjoy. Chag Samayach. We are thinking of you and are grateul for the sacrifices you make.
Stay Strong! We are with you in every way we can be...
Hanukkah blessings,
Leno & Paul in Los Angeles
ps: come visit us next year!!!
We wish you a happy and safe chanukah. May HaShem bless you, and all of Israel, with light and peace.
Richard, Jane, Arielle, and Zachary
Chag samach! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
From California, USA
Hannukah samea'ch to the soldiers of the IDF from
Melbourne, Australia
Shalom! Be safe and we hope that these donuts bring a smile to your faces. With greatest respect and admiration you are always in our thoughts.
Greetings during Hanukah
Thank you for everything you do for Israel every day. Hatzlacha!
shalom from ellen, jack, sara, laura, and david and mike, sara's husband to be!!!!
Wish we could be there with you. at least we an send you something to eat! of course! we're so jewish! ha! hag sameah!
We're grateful -- thanks!
God bless you and keep you all safe as you protect our precious Israel.
New York City
Your friends at Beth Tikvah Congregation in Illinois, USA, wish you a Happy Hanukkah. May you know peace within your borders and within your homes.
G-d Bless you boys for fighting for freedom!
Enjoy the donuts. Have a great Hanuka.
Chanukah Sameach!
Hag Urim Sameah to our Israeli friends. Thank you for all that you do. Our thoughts are with you with wishes for a safe and meaningful Hannukah.
Love from Toronto, Canada
Our thoughts are with you
Kol Hakovod for all you do. Chag Sameach.
Chavarim Shelchem
Mishpachat Friedman
Thank you for being on the front lines for those of us in the US. We pray for your safety.
To Sderot: We Pray for your safety.
I am an American Christian, and I have my students pray for peace in Jerusalem every day! May all of you have a blessed and safe Channuka, you and your families.
You are making all Jews secure with your valuable work; please go home safely and enjoy the holiday!
All the best wishes for Channukah from Germany. I hope you all have a peaceful time and return safely to your friends and families. Enjoy the food. I'm not good at words but you have my deepest respect for what you are doing and under difficult conditions.
The 3 year old children from Temple Emanuel in Newton, Ma are sending these donuts to you.
Wishing you a happy and safe Chanukah from London, UK. Our thoughts are with you, despite the rubbish that the news service here broadcasts!
With happy Chanuka wishes to you and your family. May the miracles of Chanuka enter your life always.
G-d go with you.
Your Zionist Christian friend.
Thank you for all that you do. Send pictures. We like to see the faces of the mouths we feed.
God bless
Dear Soldiers,
We love you very much and pray for your safety. May The Lord bless
all of you...
Chuck and Conni from NJ
Happy Chanuka. Thank you for serving our country.
Happy Channukah from the Kirshenbaum family.
Thank you! Thank you! May Hashem keep you safe, and bring you all Chanukah sweetness and light.
Thank you very much for keeping everyone safe. Have a wonderful chanhukah!
G-d Bless you for what you do for all Jews over the world.
My prayers are with you...........Barbara
Thank you for all that you are doing for our country and keeping us safe all around the world.
Happy Hanukkah and thanks for everything you do!
Shalom mi germania!
Well, since you can't be at home right now. enjoy the food :)
There are lots and lots of people like myself you'll never meet or see but who support you without hesitation.
All the best!!!
Keep up the work--Jews throughout the world support you.
May God bless you and keep you
Heartfelt Thanks!!!
Thank you for all that you do for Israel.
chag chanuka sameach
God bless you this Channukah!
Chanukah sameach!
Hope to see you soon in Israel!
Happy Hanukkah!
You are always in our thoughts and we wish you
all the best.
Margate, NJ USA
Ya'sher Koach. Hag Sameach. Lshalom.
Enjoy!! Your courage and dedication are recogized and appreciated by Jews everywhere. May G-d bless you and keep you.
Dear Chayalim v'Chayalot,
You are our Maccabee'im of today. You are our protectors. Even in far-off California we realize this and appreciate you all so very much.
Chanukah Somayach!
thank you all for soing what you are for us and for our beloved eretz yirael
montreal, canada
Thank You for your service Be well, stay safe
Happy chanukah. Thank you for keeping israel safe!
Chag Sameach! Happy Chanukah to all!
Happy Hanukkah to the brave soliders of the IDF from the Segel Family.
american jews love you and stand with you.
Happy Chanukah and G-d bless you for keeping us safe - from a 94 year old Canadian mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
Psalm 91 is my prayer for you soldiers
A Pizza Meal for a Platoon of IDF soliders has been donated in honour of your family
Les, Cindy Maris and Charlie!
Happy Hannukah and Best Wishes
To our dear Chayalim,
We wish you a Happy Chanukah and pray for your safety.
Keep up the good work!
If you see a lone soldier in the paratroopers by the name of Shaun, say hello for me.
My Mother, my Nephew Philip and I want to send you all our prayers and thanks for all you are doing for Israel. May you and your families all be safe and blessed with all things good.
Thank You Again and May G-d Bless You All.
Ann from Annapolis, Maryland
We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Be strong !
Happy Channukah from the Kirshenbaum family.
Thank you! Thank you! May Hashem keep you safe, and bring you all Chanukah sweetness and light.
Thank you very much for keeping everyone safe. Have a wonderful chanhukah!
G-d Bless you for what you do for all Jews over the world.
Happy Hanukkah and thanks for everything you do!
Keep up the work--Jews throughout the world support you.
May God bless you and keep you
Happy Chanukah!
Please know you are in our thoughts. Thank you for the sacrifices you make on our behalves.
Happy Hanukah from Corey & Nicole.
We were in Israel this summer and think about you often.
Thinking of you and wishing you a healthy, happy and peaceful Chanuka. The sacrifices that you make everyday for Israel and the Jewish people are so very much appreciated. You are in our prayers and our hearts.
The Norman family
To the Brave Soldiers of Tzahal:
Please enjoy this small token of our appreciation for the Holy work that you do. May G-d keep you safe.
No message, just enjoy.
While I have heard Hanukkah is not celebrated in Israel the same way it is in the states I hope this Hanukkah finds you safe in the important role you play. As the Mumbai India attacks on that Jewish center reminds us it seems only in Israel can we be really safe.
In any case thanks for all your hard work.
Thinking of you at this time and all the year round. Have a peaceful chanukah
Thanks for being our present day Macabbes.
Happy Chaukah,
Janet and Rudi
Happy Chanukah! Keep up the good work!
Your efforts to help keep the flag of Israel high is a great sacrifice that Jews the world over appreciate. May the day come soon when this sacrifice will not be necessary and peace will truly come for all the inhabitants of Israel. Bless each one of you.
Happy Hanukah, and thank you for protecting Israel.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for your service!
May Hashem protect you & grant you SUCCESS on all your missions!
May the plans of all our enemies be foiled & may Moshiach come speedily & redeem Klal Yisroel! Chag Someach!
Happy Chanukah! from your American Brothers
the Nebenzahl Family :)
rav todott for all you do for us.
Thank you for taking such good care of us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Chanukah Sameach
Thank you for the important work you are doing defending the Jewish people. Keep up the good work and keep safe.
The Winston Family
I send you very warm greetings from Ireland. We love you and wish you a a very happy chanukah.
May you have peace on this holiday and return safely to your families.
Donation by the students of Hebrew Academy of Montreal
Thank you and please keep safe. Happy Hanukkah!!!
Love Tyler
Kol hakavod & Chanukah sameach!
Dan, Debbie, Yitzi & Shalom,
Chicago USA
God Bless you for protecting Israel and all of us.
Chag Sameach from Mishpachat Gabai, Atlanta, GA
With love from Atlanta Georgia
Dear Israeli Soldiers,
I am sending you some jelly (in England we say jam) donuts and wishing you a very safe and happy Chanukah. I know you are under great pressure and feeling exhausted with little sleep. As you eat your donuts remember that there are people behind you around the world.
With all my support and love, from Joanna, a Christian friend from London, U.K.
We appreciate your service! Chag Urim Sameach!
Chanucah sameach to all of you and be safe.
From Danny, Tonia, Michael and Elkie
!Toda raba. You do a difficult job -- and we appreciate it deeply.
To our wonderful young men - G-d bless you!
From Lillian Weinstock 94 year-old great-grandmother Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hag Haorim Sameach!
Gimel Class of Temple Sinai, Dresher, Pa.
From the Stahl family in New York:
May haShem bring peace to the people of Israel and to our Jewish brethren throghout the world. May hSshem keep all of our brethren safe.
God Save Israel! Thank you for all you do!!
Wishing you all Happy Chanukah.
With great thanks for protecting Israel and the Jewish people.
Shalom & love.
Made in the name of my parents, Bill and Marita.
We pray for you.
A Christian in America.
Thank you for all you do!
Happy Chanukka
With much love,
Jackie Danicki & Antoine, gentiles who think of you constantly
Best Chanukah Wishes For All!
Hi guys,
happy Hannukah and thank you for keeping Israel and the whole Jewish world safe.
The Cohens of Stoughton, MA USA appreciate and support you.
Thank You,
Val, Craig, Alexandra and Jessica
Thank you for your service. Good luck and God bless you
God Bless Each and Everyone! When I pray in the morning, I ask God to Bless the Jews and Israel.
Happy Channukah- Stay safe and strong. We pray for you as we watch the news reports in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Home of Kentucky Fried Chicken and race horses!
Chag Sameach! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We hope these donuts warm your hearts as well!
Happy Chanukah! Thank you for all that you do. May Hashem bring light into all of your lives and protect you from harm's way.
Chanie and Jeff, New York
Happy Chanukah!
Jesse & Shawn, New City, New York
To the Brave Israeli Soldiers: I hope this little gesture helps you all to enjoy and have a Happy Chanukah. May Hashem keep a watchful eye on you all.. The Korns, of Oakland California, USA
Happy Chanukah from Edison, NJ
Chag samayach mayAnglia!
Keep up the good work!
Have a very Happy Chanukah, and know that I will be thinking of you all over these holidays.
Happy Chanukah!!
Happy channuca, para el mejor ejercito
del mundo,que es el verdadero ejercito de Hashem.
toda raba.
Hag Chanukah Sameach and thank you.
Suzanne and Marty
If you are ever in Portland, Oregon, Pizzicato loves the IDF!
Tracy and Marc
Thank you for protecting our Homeland.
Cal Hakavod. Heem atem ohavim hadag nachash?
Greetings to you all from Austria and please enjoy the Donuts.
regards Wolfgang
G-d Bless You!
Happy Chanukah,
Hope you enjoy the pizza.
Best wishes,
Denver, CO
Keep up the good work!
Shalom Israel soldiers,
We are johnny& karin from germany (stuttgart), we think and pray for you that you have a good time in the army. we are friends of the hole nation israel... we whis you all the best...
God pless you! ;-) loveley grettings
Thank you for your service. I hope this brings you some comfort from a family in Alabama, U.S.A. You are in our prayers. Now, somebody tell a joke. In Alabama, we laugh a lot, it makes a bad day easier.
Happy Channuka! Be strong in HaShem, His Torah, and Mashiach (who is the living Torah).
Hag sameach!
To all the soldiers, Hazaz v'Ematz to all of Yisrael
You are the protectors of the entire Jewish Nation. Stay Strong.
Hannukah Sameach
toda raba for all your hard and brave work. what would we do without you wonderful soldiers!! am israel hi!!
with love ester in the U.K.
Happy Channuka! Good luck!
The best wishes from Peter
May HaShem bless you and safeguard you. Thank you for your faithful service to and for Israel.
You Are Amazing! Thank you SO much for all you do every day to keep our Medina safe - You are Loved and Fully Supported with Gratitude from America, we continue to pray that Hashem keeps you safe.
Much Love.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Happy Channukah!
Chag Sameach V'Toda Rabba
G-d bless you again and again and again for the role you must play against the Arab forces of evil. We can only pray that the United Nations in its inimitable lack of wisdom doesn't screw Israel once again when it partitions for a state for the Palestinian State on Israel's lands.
happy hanukah! thank you for keeping israel safe
love from new york
Happy Chanukah!
May we have peace soon and see you returned safely to your families.
Thank you,
Lisa & Marty
Thank you for all you do!
Thank you for your service in defence of Israel
We are so proud of all of you and what you are doing to protect our beloved Eretz Yisrael. May Hashem watch over you and keep you safe and may our enemies be destroyed and a lasting peace come to the land of Israel soon. You are always in our prayers. God bless you! ;-) loveley grettings
A small token of appreciation for all that you do.
Yashear koach. May Hashem protect you and support your efforts.
Linda, Highland Park, Illinois
Wishing you and your family a Happy Hanukah. Thank you for all you do. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
For our soldiers, Thank you for protecting our people.
For the people of Sedrot, may Hashem watch over you and keep you safe.
Blessings to you at Chanukah and always. May G-d keep you safe.
Much Love, your Jewish sister in the USA
Please enjoy this small token of love and appreciation. Kol ha'kavod.
Shalom Chayalim. Hope you are staying warm. Our warm winter wishes for a Chanukah Sameach 5768. Todah Rabah Rabah for your selfless protection of Am Yisrael.
Kol Toov.
Ottawa and Toronto Ontario Canada
Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you and hope you
have happy and safe holidays.
Chanukah Sameyach! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Staten Island, New York, USA
We deeply appreciate your bravery and commitment to OUR country and OUR lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and may God bless you and keep you.
We can never repay you or express how proud we are of your service.
Hag Sameach and stay healthy.
STAY SAFE!!!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
We are far away in America but we know that you are guarding Israel for every Jew in the world. We pray that you will be safe and able to return home to your families.
Todah Rabah! We love you!
For all you are & all you do - G-d Bless you & yours. Happy Chanukah!
Nancy in NYC
We wish you all a Happy Hannukah! We pray to god to give you strengh and always keep you safe. You are always in our hearts.
God bless you and thank you for keeping our country safe.
Love from San Diego
Dear IDF Shana Tova! from Melbourne Australia
Keep up the great work! Bit of sugar to keep you going!!!
Thank you for being the first line of defence against terror!
I am a US Soldier and I want to give all you hard working IDF soldiers a nice breakfast.. take care guys ( and gals) I have 17 years in the army now, and there is still nothing better than a good breakfast!! Just wish I could send you some coffee!!
May HASHEM Bless You and Israel Mightily, May he make HIS face to shine upon you and bless you with peace.
May HaShem bless, guard, guide and keep you.
Arnold, Missouri, USA
Thank you very much guys and girls for being on the front lines of this war! Even though our family is in USA you are protecting us as well the next village to you. I sincerely hope this small gift will bring you joy (although you might be getting sick of pizza ;-)
Good job ! Yan and Victoria. Houston, TX.
thank you. come home safely
Thank you for defending Israel. Happy Chanukkah!
take care. may you be blessed
May Hashem protect and keep you safe. Hag Sameach Chanukah.
Happy Thanksgiving. It'a good to see that one other nation does not woss our to terorists. Am Ysreal Chai :)
Wishes for success.
Happy Hanuka
Dear IDF soldiers
Thank you for your wisdom, courage and perseverance.
Enjoy your meal!
B'Ahava from Melbourne Australia
We just cannot thank you enough for the work that you do.
The bravery that your job takes is more than we can begin to imagine.
We just want to let you know how proud we are of you. Am Yisrael
V'Chayalai Yisrael Chai!
May Hashem bless, protect and watch you all.
I wish you a nice and peaceful Chanukah celebration!! All the best and take care.
T.H. from Germany
Thank you for all you do to protect the people of Israel.
Your friends in the United States
keep the peace
Keep up the good work!
Stay strong and safe. Kick some Terrorists asses. All the best to you.
Christian from Sweden
Many thanks for your defense of our beloved country. Keep safe!
Philadelphia,PA USA
As a Jewish American, the safety and security of Israel and her citizens are very important to me. Thank you for all that you do to keep Israel safe.
Thank you for defending Israel!
Thank you for defending all of us. May Hashem watch over you and keep you safe and unharmed.
May G-d Bless and Protect You and Your Families/Loved Ones Forever and Ever.
Dear soldiers,
I thank you very much for fighting out there. we thank you for fighting helping Israel and doing hard work. Enjoy your donuts and keep on doing what your up to.

Inspiring? You can see more messages,
or look at letters, drawings and photographs from children
all around the world.

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