Thank Our Troops. Buy Them a Pizza. Send IDF Soldiers Pizzas and Other Treats ORDER NOW Thanks to the great work of our IDF soldiers, Israel remains a safe and prosperous place for all citizens. Send them a small token of thanksgiving and gratitude by giving them pizzas and other treats. Donuts for the IDF THANK YOU VERY MUCH! YOUR CONTRIBUTION MEAN SO MUCH TO THEM... Thanks a lot! Pizza IDF and the beneficiary IDF soldiers extend sincerest and heartfelt thanks for your participation in our Hanukkah project. We look forward to your continued enthusiastic support in our all-year and seasonal drives. AT OUR TROOP 'S SERVICE SERVING PIZZAS TO OUR TROOPS SINCE 2002 OUR STORY Pizza IDF was founded by Menachem Kuchar in 2002, at the height of "Operation: Defensive Shield" as a way for ordinary Israeli citizens to show their gratitude to the Israel Defense Forces.
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Pizza IDF is more than just delivering pizzas, doughnuts, falafels, and other tasty goodies to the men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces: it’s about reciprocating, albeit in a little way, the sacrifice, hardwork, and dedication of the men and women who keep the State of Israel safe everyday. It is a gift basket from a loving and grateful nation and her friends.

Show our troops your love and support by sending them a small token of thanksgiving; give them a snack as they fulfill their duties.


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